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April 17th, 2021 newsletter

Because you check out our Facebook.com/dienchan.en page each time less... I wanted to share with you the answer to a fascinating question.

So here's a little history of the Dien Chan diagrams:

But why do we call this diagram the “Penfield”?

It is in fact the first diagram of Dien Chan. While Professor Bùi Quôc Châu had established his map of specific points, he was interested in the work of Dr Nogier who proposed a pattern of reflection lodged in the ear.

At first, he even thought that his bqc·point 0·  was [+…]

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I await your comments in the blog or on the Facebook.com/dienchan.en page, because otherwise our articles will disappear into the immensity of the pussycats space full of Paolocohelian quotes... hum!

We are slow because we like the quality!

It takes time, yes: these are the vagaries of artisanal manufacturing!

It must be said that we carefully choose the most valuable horns so that your every gesture is not only elegant and beautiful, but also pleasant.

So —› The Beauty-brushes are finally here!

Many of you have noticed the new finish of its rounded corners at the junction with the metal frame that supports the smooth golden brass roller.

Okay, okay, they are beautiful and this is one of the multireflex tools to always have in your bag.

But why?

For natural aesthetic touch-ups, of course!

And yes! Far away caffeine sticks that stress the skin. No more magic creams that pollute and are full of endocrine disruptors.

We are in the 21st century, find out!


It's all good to watch videos that tell us about the disaster if we don't do anything.

So “let's do” starting with doing nothing.
Heuuu... I mean starting with no longer consuming chemicals that slowly destroy the planet and enrich people who do not know what to do with their money apart from adding a swimming pool to their castle on Mars.

I take this opportunity to remind you that they say that "climate changes” and that it will not get hotter, but that all seasons will be much more contrasted.

So, yes, the summer will be apparently scorching, but the winter will be polar and we will most likely run out of water here and there too.

Sorry! I'm getting carried away, because without YouTube we couldn't listen to all these young people who are struggling for our future and who are never invited to the sets of old subsidised media.

Grrrrrrr... it annoys and irritates my bqc·points 124· & 34·

When I think people laughed at me when in 2002, i had already decided to recycle old newspapers and cereal boxes and other packaging. Now it's called the "circular economy".

I take this opportunity to point out that when you receive your tools in a box that i've turned over. It is not necessarily from a product we have consumed at home. No, i ask my relatives and i also collect them in shops to give them a second life.

It doesn't bother me at all to pick up in the middle of the street the cardboard boxes left at the foot of a shoe storefronts, computer or other chocolate shops…

«I'm not ashamed because i practise circular economy, yes madam!»

Talking ecology...

have you seen the latest Bamboo Ova bar model?

If that’s not green!

Made of bamboo they are lighter, more manageable and unbreakable!

Moreover, i forgot to communicate on the last video about the gestures with the multireflex Beauty ova bar. Voilà -›

Back on topic...

What could be better than knowing the mini Chan❜beauté protocols to be able to restore tone to your beautiful face?

And yes, with the Beauty-brush housed in your purse, you can reduce your wrinkles, energise your liver, calm bruxism and many other applications.

To discover some of them, I invite you to consult its file at http://252.multireflex.com 

By the way, 252 is its number in the multireflex tool catalogue. So every time you want to see a usage video about a Dien Chan instrument and care ideas, type [in your browser and not on your husband's head] the tool number followed by ".multireflex.com”.

Happy end of April and dienchannely yours,



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